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Top 3 Clean Habits to Teach Your Kids

Top 3 Clean Habits to Teach Your Kids

Cleanliness is a life skill which if inculcated in the early years of a child’s life works wonders in shaping their overall personality and development. Parents might find it challenging because children love to make a mess, be it food, colors, paints, clay, mud, paper cuttings, and not to forget rugged and roughs stains.


This makes parents feel overwhelmed and frustrated many times. This is also the major reason why kids and parents are at loggerheads with each other.


Professionals working for a deep cleaning company in Dubai witness this problem every day at work and have come up with some tips for parents to deal with this anxiety. The best part is that the resolution ways are exciting and will imbibe cleanliness habits in budding years.

Let Them Make The Mess:


Kids are driven by an impulse when they create a mess. They don’t go by logic when the messiness streak hits them. Letting them make the mess set the grounds for parents to cultivate cleaning habits. Parents can use this mess as a conversation starter. Say, “Oh Oh! One goblin came inside the house and took out the watercolors from the bottle and splashed them on the floor. Now, we can’t put them back, but can we clean the floor?” Invite them to clean the floor. Take two cloth pieces in hand and let them feel that cleaning is teamwork, not a whining job of a parent. This simple lesson will instill a responsibility among the kids in later years.

Make Cleaning A Family Affair:

Children learn from adults. Believe it or not, they are their first role models. We know it sounds very relatable, but kids learn from their immediate families the most. While they are bubbling with excitement, ask their help in cleaning. Families can translate their enthusiasm, excitement, and energy to instill good habits. Start with easy tasks like sorting socks, pushing buttons in the dishwasher or washing machine, dusting low surfaces, picking up toys.

While you are cleaning the floor, ask them if they can help in sofa cleaning in Dubai household. They will see cleaning happening around themselves and naturally imitate their elders. A Tip – Make it an open-ended request. Don’t force them to join you.

Don’T Make Cleaning Look Like A Chore Or A Punishment:


When kids make a mess, the instant response is to treat cleaning as a punishment. This is where most of the parents go wrong. Never punish them with the cleaning of the yard or scrubbing of the floor. This puts cleaning in the negative light and children grow up as adults who evade cleaning or think of it as a tedious activity, not a way to sort productivity.

With all these tips, we hope you will be able to instill good cleaning values among kids. As an established cleaning company in Dubai for the last 40 years, we have ensured that cleaning gets its due in the UAE homes through advanced technology and experienced manpower. Through all this, we are committed to a mission to bring cleanliness into practice and improve the lifestyle of families in the region.

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