Cleantel Elite Cleaning Service

Presenting Cleantel Elite Cleaning Program – An assured year-round cleaning care

How often have you booked professional deep cleaning for your house in a year? Most probably once. But do you know that once a year professional cleaning is not just enough to withstand the seasonal changes and dirt/dust attack on the house. 

Dirt/Dust/Allergens just keep coming back to the indoors, if we prolong the cleaning time beyond 3 months. 

At Cleantel Cleaning Company, we have spent decades, cleaning apartments, villas and office spaces in the UAE and have come up with a tried and tested solution for periodic cleaning.  

Cleantel Elite Cleaning Program is a bi-annual or tri-annual cleaning model where our patrons can subscribe to the cleaning services Dubai for their furnishings and sort their cleaning needs. 

Why we need regular deep cleaning for furnishings? 

Cleaning furnishings is a time-consuming process that thoroughly extracts maximum dirt from furnishings and upholstery beyond the surface level. But there are times when wiping a sofa or mattress won’t help it clean. In fact, you may never know, even millions of allergens and dust mites thrive within your sofa sets, carpet, curtains and mattress. 

Cleaning furnishings in between 3-4 months thoroughly helps in extracting soil, pet dander, dust from deep within, leaving it feel fresh. 

Cleantel Elite Cleaning Program uses the high-end professional equipment and skilled manpower to breathe-in new life to your curtains, carpets, sofa-sets and mattress.

The service is easy on pockets and is very simple to follow. All you have to do is book the service and relax and live worry-free in a clean house for one year 

The technologies used by Cleantel are sourced from the best in the cleaning industry. Remuve is a patented technology from Australia that offers the best mattress sanitization. Ionic systems is a UK based technology used to clean the windows. The company believes in investing into futuristic cleaning systems for improved indoor air quality.

Services Covered Under Cleantel Elite Cleaning Program annual cleaning services Dubai: – 

Mattress Sanitization

Step-1 High Suction Vaccuming
Step-2 Germicidal UV treatment
Step-3 Superheated Dry Steam Sanitization

Sofa High Suction vaccuming

Step-1 High Suction Vaccuming
Step-2 Superheated Dry Steam Sanitization

Carpet Sanitization

Step-1 High Suction Vaccuming
Step-2 Specialized UV Sanitization 
Step-3 Superheated Dry Steam Sanitization

Curtain High Suction Vaccuming

Step-1 High Suction Vaccuming                     
Step-2 Superheated Dry Steam Sanitization