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Sofas are considered to be a focal point in living rooms across Sharjah, so it’s very important that they are kept looking their best always. Instead of waiting for accidents to happens, sign up for routine sofa cleaning services offered by Cleantel Sharjah.

Cleantel’s sofa cleaning services Sharjah aims to give you clean, lovely scented sofas always. Our sofa cleaning experts in Sharjah do their best to achieve this goal within their capabilities in a timely manner and we offer reasonable prices too. 


Cleantel Sofa Cleaning Service Sharjah experts know the right weapon for each individual sofa case!

Established with the idealogy to give quality sofa cleaning to you across Sharjah, we trust only the most diligent and skillful cleaners with all our projects. Cleantel Sharjah’s team quickly realized how much we enjoy helping you with your sofa cleaning requirements, and so we continue our journey with new innovations. After all, there is always something better to be done especially when it comes to sofa cleaning all around Sharjah.

We at Cleantel Sharjah, hope we can join hands with you to accomplish perfection together!

Steam Cleaning Sofa Cleaning Services

It is a fact that most sofa materials are safe to be steam cleaned and our sofa experts know what works best based on the type of sofa. For sofa pieces in Sharjah, we employ steam cleaning with special shampoo and stain removal solutions based on your individual sofa conditions.

By choosing Cleantel’s sofa cleaning service based out of Sharjah, you know you’ve picked the experts always.

By opting for the steam cleaning procedure with our sofa cleaning services Sharjah, you will fall in love all over again with your sofa once again and feel confident to show it off!

Our sofa experts will leave your sofas with lovely fresh scents that help you relax and you’re assured that it is bacteria-free and as clean as it can possibly be.

Dry Cleaning is Key for Delicate Sofas!

As recommended by Cleantel Sharjah’s sofa experts, sofa dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning delicate sofas, including some velvet sofas. With all delicate pieces, our sofa experts believe it is best to hand clean using specialist products, in which case we’ll use special cleaning solutions and a soft cloth to get the job done.

Rest assured, our sofa cleaning experts based out of Sharjah, will do their best to have your sofa looking as good as new to the best of their ability.

Meet Cleantel Sharjah’s Expert Sofa Cleaners!

Cleantel only works with the best in the business in terms of both experts as well as top chemical agents especially shampoo treatments. Cleantel Sharjah’s management team realizes the importance of trustworthy cleaning teams. Those cleaning experts of Cleantel Sharjah are the ones that build our reputation. So, our managers hand-pick our cleaning teams to take care of all your cleaning requirements especially sofa cleaning, as it is one of the essential parts of home decor.

Client referrals = Sofa Job Well Done!

Cleantel Sharjah has noted that quite a few of our new clients come to us after being recommended by you given our expertise as well as prices. We take this as the highest honor as well as never take it for granted by constantly training and educating our cleaning team experts.

Cleantel offers best cleaning services in Sharjah and qualification courses, as well as the most modern cleaning equipment to the entire cleaning team. Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page to know more.


We use high suction vacuum to effectively pull out dust mites, mold spores, pollen, dried bodily fluids, household debris & pet dander from the carpet which is then collected in the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter bags of machine, and keeps it out of the air.


With the help of wet and dry extraction machine we clean the carpet thoroughly. Low foaming wet shampoo prevents the carpet from heavy water retention.


Leave the sofa for about 8 hrs to 24 hrs with air condition set to 23-26 degree celsius.