Deep cleaning a kitchen is easier said than done. In order to keep your home hygienic and free from pest, frequent cleaning and steam sanitization of your cutting boards, kitchen appliances, surfaces, kitchen sinks and countertops is mandatory. Most of us simply don’t have the time and energy for deep cleaning our kitchen. It also requires equipments and the right products to ensure a spotless job.

Our process involves cleaning every corner of the kitchen with strong eco friendly cleaning products, removing grimes and grease and finally steam sanitizing all surfaces for a healthy kitchen. 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Deep clean your kitchen every three months to eliminate process residue, avoid formation of grime, allergens, mold, mildew, cockroaches and houseflies. 

Cleantel Cleaning Company in Sharjah provides complete cleaning and sanitizing for all your cleaning needs with advanced machinery and professionally trained staff. Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page to know more.


Deep clean all the areas in the kitchen including cupboards, oven, fridge, floor and surfaces with eco friendly chemical products. Saturate the area with stubborn dirt for some time, scrub if necessary with sponge and wipe clean.


Wipe and clean the surface using disinfectant with residual anti-microbial barrier which leaves the surface clean with a pleasant fragrance.



Our machine generates a fine mist of steam at 180 degree celsius with intense thermal shock that can kill/ reduce bacteria, virus and other household impurities and dries in less than a minute reducing chances of mould build up.