Toilet cleaning Sharjah

Toilet cleanliness holds an important part in our daily health and wellness. It is a part of daily hygiene practice all the families follow worldwide. Much because it is the most contaminated part of any house or office, and toilet needs frequent cleaning sessions in routine life.

But there are times when routine toilet cleaning is not just enough. Freshening the bathroom just doesn’t work, as the rugged stains on faucets, bathtubs, toilet bowls takes a lot of time.

Disinfecting toilets alone won’t help in achieving a sparkling clean toilet. It needs thorough cleaning from the top to the bottom for the fresh and clean experience.

Cleantel Services Sharjah understand the importance of clean toilets for improved health quality and are providing special toilet cleaning service to clean, sanitize and disinfect the dirtiest place in the household.

Areas that need attention in toilet cleaning Sharjah are –

  1. Wall tiles – Wall tiles accumulate germs on a daily basis. There are stains, grout and grease that need regular cleaning to maintain the looks and hygiene of a bathroom. Wall tile scrubbing and washing is the best way to disinfect the toilet and keep it fresh at all times.

  2. Toilet bowl – Though toilet bowl is mostly cleaned on a routine basis, still it doesn’t fulfill the purpose, if not done correctly. The disinfectants have to seep into the dirt and stains to eradicate them on their root basis.

  3. Bathroom sink and accessories – Top of the geysers, exhaust fan vent, shower panels, faucets, bathtub and sinks are saturated in a mild detergent and cleaned thoroughly. This refreshes the bathroom and gives it a fresh, and hygienic feeling.

  4. Steam sanitizing – this is the most satisfying part of professional toilet cleaning Sharjah. After the thorough cleaning session, a mist of 180-degree steam mist covers in the entire bathroom.   

Our Cleaning Captains and Crew know that toilets need the most attention in terms of cleaning, and refresh the bathrooms with their impressive Cleantel touch. Book a bathroom cleaning session to experience the visible difference, yourself.