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Ramadan 2023 Becomes Easier With Cleantel’s Special Services

Ramadan 2023 Becomes Easier With Cleantel’s Special Services


Just like every other Ramadan, make this year’s festive occasion easier on yourself by availing of our professional and timely cleaning services. For the residents of Sharjah, things won’t get any better, as Cleantel offers exclusive Sharjah cleaning services to its valuable clients.

Even the ones who reside in Dubai and Ajman can benefit from Cleantel’s Ramadan offerings where their cleaning experts are just a single phone call away!

Before this holy month approaches, everyone has one main thing on their to-do list, deep cleaning indoors and outdoors. Since Ramadan in UAE is coming at such a pleasant time this year, with beautiful cloudy days and chilly nights, most people will be hosting iftar parties outdoors! This is where Cleantel comes forward and takes the lead.

To learn more, read our list of credible cleaning services that you can avail of this Ramadan!

1. Outdoor Cleaning

This beautiful weather calls for memorable outdoor iftar events with close friends and family members. If you are worried about dirty or cluttered outdoor space that needs a complete makeover before Ramadan, then it’s time to call our cleaning experts. Outdoor cleaning is one of our specialties where we take care of your patios, clean the green carpets, deep clean the floors and outdoor furniture as well.

2. Kitchen Cleaning

Apart from outdoor space, kitchens are frequently used during Ramadan for iftar and suhoor preparations. If you are already overwhelmed with different house chores, just book our kitchen cleaning services and our experts will be on the way to clean, sweep your kitchen and leave it flawless. Once you start hiring Cleantel cleaning company Sharjah, there is no going back as their services will awestruck you.

3. Majlis Cleaning

Another place that is frequently used for iftar and suhoor gatherings is the majlis. Every household has a beautiful majlis in place that might get out of shape or dirty after some time. If you are going through something similar and worried about how to clean the entire majlis by yourself, let Cleantel’s experts come forward and help you. Our majlis cleaning gurus know how to transform the entire place before Ramadan even begins. From sofa and carpet cleaning to deep vacuuming and dry cleaning, Cleantel offers a comprehensive majlis cleaning package.

4. Maids Service

Exclusively in Sharjah, Cleantel’s maid service is one of a kind and ideally what you need before Ramadan begins. The professional maids cleaning services Sharjah is available immediately with cleaning experts trained to deep clean your home and make it look spotless. Instead of doing everything by yourself, hire expert maids and let them assist you in cleaning chores. In this way, you will have more time on your hands to take care of other important tasks while our maids exceed your cleaning expectations.


Not only the holy month of Ramadan is full of uncountable blessings, but it requires patience as the household chores and gatherings almost double. Cleantel understands how busy you can be and the religious commitments you have during Ramadan. Therefore, let us handle the professional cleaning while you prepare for Ramadan in the best way possible! After all, Cleantel is here with you and will ensure that you celebrate this blessed month to the fullest with our immediate help.


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