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Workspace Cleaning Protocols Set by a Professional Cleaning Company in Dubai

Workspace Cleaning Protocols Set by a Professional Cleaning Company in Dubai


UAE is #ReopeningResponsibly. As the country is coming back to normalcy post one and a half years of hibernation, many workspaces are also reopening sooner or later.

But many of the businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are still doubtful on the workspace cleaning protocols set by cleaning companies in Dubai. If you are one among them, then this article might serve value to you.


Workspace Reopening – The Current Condition

All the stakeholders, i.e. businessmen, government, public leaders, influencers are all happy about the economy’s reopening but are treading the path with great caution. Social distancing, personal hygiene, and workspace hygiene are the only ways with which this reopening can be done responsibly. Since the COVID-19 scare is far from gone, cleanliness and disinfection are the only ways with which all of us can maintain public health with appropriate social measures.

Cleaning Protocols to Be Followed

Offices and commercial ventures are the public spaces that come under high-risk zones as far as the Corona outbreak is concerned. The management of these ventures is well aware of the potential risks involved and implementing advisories devised by World Health Organization (WHO). The management must ensure that employees, as well as the infrastructural protocols, are followed properly.

Workplace Hygiene Guidelines

Offices in Dubai are advised to follow a three-pronged strategy of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing regularly to keep the viruses at bay. This will help not only maintain the highest level of sanitization but also protect employees and customers from the further spread of the virus.

On the organizational level, proper infrastructural amendments must be done in order to accommodate workplace hygiene guidelines.

  • Seating should maintain a 1-meter distance within office premises to reiterate social distancing.

  • Proper provisions for the workplace ventilation system.

  • All surfaces, chairs, tables, door handles, curtains, etc. should be regularly sanitized using appropriate disinfectants. Professional cleaning companies in Dubai can help you attain the highest quality hygiene standards in terms of disinfection, sterilization, and sanitization.

  • Extra attention is to be paid to the toilet, common use, and washroom facilities.

  • Sanitizer dispenser to be installed at the entryway and all other strategic hotspots in the office.

  • Elevators are to be disinfected and sterilized strictly as it is the assembly point of visitors and office staff.

  • Replace glass cups with single-use disposable cups

Employee Code of Conduct

Employees only bring the set protocols to practice. They should be oriented about the desired code of conduct for the success and responsible reopening of UAE’s commercial settlements.

  • Social distancing is a must, disinfecting hands frequently is necessary.

  • Carrying personal sanitizer is preferred. Regular washing hands and sanitizing workstations must be practiced for safety and protection.

  • All employees should adhere to coughing and sneezing etiquette.

  • Hygienic handling of personal items, including water bottles, masks, to prevent contamination.

  • Do not share personal items with colleagues. If shared, like mobiles, clean and self-sanitize before reusing it to prevent any transmission of infection.

  • Ensure that all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized properly. Any corners and spaces in your laptop keyboard or buttons should not be missed while self-disinfecting.

Following all these protocols along with deep cleaning in Dubai, Sharjah offices can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and bring back the healthy workplace ecosystem. To get your office deep clean, you can contact us and get the office quickly cleaned and sanitized as per its needs.


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