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What is the difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting?

What is the difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting?

For any business or home in Dubai, an essential element to keeping it healthy, safe is maintaining a clean environment. Whether it is by staying on top of cleaning using a schedule, thereby guaranteeing regular cleaning cycles, or perhaps hiring a disinfection services company in Dubai to perform disinfection services to keep everyone safe.

It is essential to understand the various methods to accordingly decide on what method fits your needs to help stop the spread of any diseases or viruses.

You may also want to consider reaching out to a Dubai-based cleaning company based on your case to do either do regular cleaning or sanitizing or a disinfection service session.

 We’ll take you through the differences between cleaning, sanitizing as well as disinfecting, to help you make your decision if and when you decide to hire a Dubai-based cleaning company.
Let’s take each method on its own and break it down:
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 To clean anything means having removed all visible deposits on the place, including spills, food particles, dust, etc. by either brushing or washing or wipe down. It is more on a surface level and cannot eliminate germs but may help lower their numbers.
 Common cleaning products include:
 Soaps| Vacuums| Dusters| Glass Cleaners
Disinfection Services Company in Dubai
 Simply put disinfection is to kill specific viruses in a place using a disinfectant. The disinfection agent must kill 99.999% of infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi within a 5-10 minute window. Additionally, it is highly suggested to disinfect routinely touched places.
Common disinfectants include:
 Alcohol| Radiation| Chlorine| Bleach| Steam|
 What to Disinfect?
 Here are some items in your facility that should be regularly disinfected:
 Switches| Handles| Elevator Buttons| Handrails| Bathroom Surfaces| Computers| Phones
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 This means all about lowering the number of microorganisms on all surfaces once it has been cleaned. Even though sanitizing lowers the growth of bacteria, it cannot kill all viruses on any surfaces, it is meant to be used as an obstructive measure.
 What Is the Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing?
 The first difference between the two is that cleaning meaning gets rid of the deposits on surfaces. While sanitizing comes after the act of cleaning that involves the killing of bacteria.
When you compare both methods, you must make sure that cleaning comes first regardless of the surface followed by sanitizing it. The most important thing to note here is that anything that comes into contact with foods should be sanitized. However, places like the corridors and windows need not be sanitized as often as they are not as high risk as countertops in the kitchen.
Do Disinfectant Wipes Kill Viruses?
There is concern about the short life of disinfectant wipes in comparison to the disinfection version used by any Dubai-based cleaning company. To tackle this, you must read the entire details on the packaging of the disinfectant wipes you use at home. Do your research online, find out the reviews about all the types of disinfectant wipes available.
Disinfect vs Sanitize
 The distinction between disinfecting and sanitizing is based on the number of bacteria each method removes. Sanitizing is meant to kill most of the germs, and cannot make antiviral claims. While disinfection is more effective as well as it kills 100% of viruses, fungi while targeting particular disease-carrying microorganisms. As disinfection is more potent, it is used in healthcare facilities. While sanitizing is enough for any areas where food is around, but it is required to use a disinfectant agent for washrooms or any other high-touch point surfaces.
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 We’ve detailed all the differences between the three methods, we hope this helps you with your decision on which method works best for your home or office.

We however do recommend that you consider hiring a cleaning company in Dubai to better assess your situation and give you the best possible solution.


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