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The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Stations at the Office

The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Stations at the Office

Most of your employees across your offices in Dubai use their hands to do various activities ranging from shaking hands with new clients to opening doors, etc. All of these actions risk exposure to germs, viruses, etc. which is directly linked to sick days, and ultimately productivity is low.

We’ll there is a solution to all of this. Proper hand hygiene in the office can truly help reduce those sick days.

Although washing hands with soap as well as water is the most common way to ensure hands are free of germs, it isn’t always an option.
Given all of these opportunities for contamination by hand, it is imperative to implement hand hygiene sanitization stations at the office.
Having these hand sanitizer stations strategically throughout the office premises and other high foot traffic areas automatically encourages staff to improve their hand hygiene creating an overall healthier office environment.
Recommendation Locations for Hand Sanitizer
Once you’ve placed the hand sanitizer stations at accessible points within eyesight it reminds them to sanitize their hands. Another important point is to place hand sanitizer stations around the high-touch surface and common areas, including:

Entrances and Exits-

One door knob could potentially lead to transmission. Apart from frequent sanitization of knobs and other high-touch point surfaces across the office, place sanitizing stations to entrances as well as exits to limit contamination.


It is essential to provide hand sanitizer stations in washrooms. By giving this option to employees, if they are in a rush they can use the sanitizer to get rid of germs.

Break Rooms-

Any area where food may be consumed should be sanitized frequently, and hand sanitizer stations must be easily accessible in those places.

Meeting rooms-

The room where all the handshakes and exciting deals are made! This is where germs love passing from one to another. Once a hand sanitizing station has been placed in an easy-to-access point within the room, your guests and employees safeguard their hands against germs before any meeting as well as after it.

Employee Cubicles-

Phones, desks, computer keyboards are quite key germ contamination as people touch them ever so often. Given that your staff spends the majority of their day at their cubicles or desks where they eat, drink, sneeze, it is truly a place where major or viruses can live and breathe. Having individual hand sanitizers at their cubicles keeps hand hygiene within reach.

High Traffic Areas-

It is essential to have hand sanitizer stations outside of the office.

Transaction Counters-

This is another important place to have hand sanitizing stations especially if your business deals with cash daily.

While having hand sanitizer stations throughout the office is imperative, but it equally important to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 70 percent alcohol. Additionally, it is also best to use hand sanitizers that contain hand moisturizers to avoid skin dryness as well as potential allergic reactions or skin irritations.

Finally, as an employer, you must lead change by setting yourself as an example. By using the hand sanitizer stations yourself you, in turn, encourage your employees.

In the end, as an employer, is important for you to encourage your staff to take a sick day when they need it to take care of themselves as well as protect others. You may also consider hiring a best cleaning company in Dubai to help you with the hand sanitizing stations placements across your office.


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