Best Cleaning Company in Dubai

Best cleaning company in Dubai

Home Sanitization

Cleantel Home Sanitization started with a simple aim to provide a variety of home cleaning services to one and all.
To stand out among the competition in the industry, Cleantel Cleaning services places a particularly strong emphasis on our company’s service quality and after-sales service, especially in the home sanitization sector.
Cleantel Home Sanitization is all about learning to improve ourselves to ultimately serve you well.

Why Cleantel Home Sanitization?

Sparkling Clean

Cleantel’s sanitization experts aim to keep all of your homes sparkling clean and germ-free. Our sanitization process kills almost all of the common bacteria and viruses. Cleantel’s sanitization experts take all your requirements and formulate a customized comprehensive sanitization process to ensure your premises are clean and free from harmful contaminants.

Passion in our work

The management team at Cleantel, strongly believes that nothing beats having a happy, passionate as well as a motivated team. Our team takes pride in what we do and the results show clearly!

Leading Technologies

Cleantel Cleaning services uses safe yet cutting-edge sanitizing agents to reduce cross-contamination. Our professional sanitization expert team uses state-of-the-art technology and premium sanitizing resources that is safe for children, pets as well as improves indoor air quality.

In sanitization, the most important thing is dwell time.

Our process for Deep clean & sanitation

Step 1: Wipe Clean

Wipe and clean the surface using disinfectant with residual anti-microbial barrier. Saturate the area with stubborn dirt for some time, scrub, if necessary, with sponge and wipe clean.

Step 2: Natural disinfection by cold fogging

With the help of ultra-low volume fogger we use Anason Eco which is a nontoxic and chemical free solution. Once the process is done leave the space for Four hours for the solution settlement with air condition set to 23 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Step 3: Steam sanitation

Our machine generates a fine mist of steam up to 180 degrees Celsius with intense thermal shock that can kill/ reduce bacteria, virus and other household impurities and dries in less than a minute reducing chances of mould  build up. 

Cleantel cleaning  services provides complete cleaning and sanitizing for all your cleaning needs with advanced machinery and professionally trained staff. 


Have any questions? We’re here to assist you.

Hundreds of our loyal and happily satisfied customers have provided references over the years.

When you book Cleantel Home Cleaning Services, you book dependability, demonstrable skill, and most of all quality cleaning service.
As our cleaning experts are the best, most effective personalities, our service truly works – in short, you can depend on us!

Our team at Cleantel understands how special homes are as it is where we spent most of our time, so therefore it’s where we must always feel safe. We aim to achieve this philosophy with our sanitization services by attempting to keep you safe from all kinds of bacteria, viruses, etc. as they are constantly present and pose threats that can make us sick. To fight all these threats and more, we recommend you choose Cleantel as your home sanitization partner!
All our cleaners are precisely routinely trained to conduct home cleaning services among other services as well as disinfection services before they enter your homes.

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Khadeeja Abdulla

“I had the occasion to call Cleantel to deep clean my villa and they did a very good job on time. I would highly recommend them”

Bridgette McOwen

“No one ever thinks about sanitization unless someone actually tells you. It’s more important that cleaning and these guys do it pretty good.”

Self – healing starts by cleaning off the mirror. So, you can clearly see true beauty staring back at you

– Dr DiMarco

We have over 40 years of commercial cleaning experience. The name Cleantel was coined from ‘Clean Telephone’ since this was the initial service provided by the company


Best cleaning company in Dubai

We have over 40 years of commercial cleaning experience. The name Cleantel was coined from ‘Clean Telephone’ since this was the initial service provided by the company