Curtains are feel-free and feel-good fabrics that lend a unique personality to your living spaces. But more often, these free-flowing fabrics, instead of beautifying the décor, affect the indoor air quality badly. Curtains gather dust, germs and allergens, disrupting the indoor environment and triggering numerous nasal allergies.

Curtain vacuuming Sharjah is the best possible solution to keep the curtains clean and healthy. The professional cleaning companies follow 2-stage process to extract maximum dirt and transform their looks and appeal.

The advanced technologies used in it enable us to clean without removing the curtains from their rods. Our extendable high-suction vacuuming reaches the top-most areas of a curtain and ensure maximum dirt and hypo-allergen extraction.

The professional extraction is way better than the traditional vacuum cleaners as it extracts minute particulate matter from the curtains and helps keep the indoors clean and safe for families.

Cleantel Cleaning Services Sharjah uses Carpet & Rug Institute (U.S.A) approved vacuum system featuring stages of hypo allergen high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.

Curtain vacuum is preferred for families of all kinds in the UAE who wish to have a healthy and safe life, free from the hovering presence of the allergens.

Cleantel Sharjah follows a 2-step curtain cleaning process where each pair of curtains is treated with high suction vacuuming. The process is followed-up by steam sanitization for maximum comfort and safety of families.

We all know that steam sanitation is a satisfying experience, but did we know that 180 degree-steam sanitation with thermal shock can kill all the household impurities in less than a minute. This even removes all the dust mites and allergens from the curtain and sanitizes it completely.

Book a Curtain vacuum Sharjah session to experience firsthand the multiple advantages it brings to the families in the UAE.

Cleantel Sharjah recommends giving Curtain vacuum makeover every two months to avoid dust mites’ formation and upkeep indoor quality health.

Book a Curtain Vacuuming in Sharjah to experience the visible difference in the air quality. 


We utilize a high-suction pulsating vacuum to successfully remove dust mites, dust particles, pollen in the curtain, and household trash from the curtain. These contaminants are then gathered in the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter bags of the machine, which keeps them out of the air.


Unlike traditional steam cleaners, our machine generates a fine mist of steam at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius with intense thermal shock. This mist of steam can kill or reduce bacteria, viruses, and other household impurities, and it dries in less than one minute, reducing the likelihood of mold growth.