High suction ceiling vacuuming Sharjah - A Hidden Discovery


A ceiling gap cleaning is a discovery of how indoors can be affected by continuous accumulation of dirt, dust, dead bugs, bird poop and what not!

Many times, people come to us complaining about intolerable smell in their house, making them feel sickly and terrible.

For such homes, Cleantel Sharjah just begins to dig deeper into the high suction ceiling vacuuming. And many times, our doubts turn out to be correct. Open AC ducts can bring in bugs, cockroaches, dust, bird nest, etc. to your living space and harbour millions of germs and bacteria.

It is really shocking to find such allergens, hidden within the unreachable crevices. Cleantel Cleaning Sharjah takes great pride in identifying ceiling gaps as the potential triggers of indoor allergies and their possible cleaning solution in terms of HEPA filtration.

As a pioneer in cleaning Ceiling Gaps, Cleantel Sharjah aims to improve indoor air quality and gift families a sense of well-being, care and comfort.

What is HEPA Filtration?

HEPA Filtration is High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration, that has the power to remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles from the ceiling gaps.

As intended, Ceiling Gaps Vacuuming by a professional cleaning company can greatly reduce the amount of allergen and illness-inducing dust and small particles. Eventually, this dust only gets absorbed in furniture and furnishings like sofa, carpets, mattress, curtains and even walls & floorings.

Cleantel has identified the emergence of HEPA filtration in extracting maximum dirt, from the ceiling gaps and to improve and transform the indoor air quality.

Our cleaning captains always reiterate the importance of cleaning the roof and ceiling gaps effectively and give it a first priority, even before Sofa or Carpet Cleaning.

The process gently covers top to bottom while cleaning the unreachable parts and prevent the indoor allergens from thriving above your head.

How thorough Ceiling Gap Vacuuming can change the scenario of cleaning in Sharjah?

Sharjah’s villas and apartments have extensively used ceiling gaps to beautify the rooms and indoor décor. But, in the process, it has become a hotspot for unwanted germs, filth and allergens.

Ceiling Gap HEPA filtration vacuuming can give a thorough cleaning to your lofty roofs and transform the air quality completely.

Book a Ceiling Gap Cleaning Service to experience the discovery of a clean indoor space, NOW.