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Carpet cleaning – How to chase dust bunnies out of the house?

Carpet cleaning - How to chase dust bunnies out of the house?


If there Is one area in the house that has been infested with the pesky presence of dust bunnies, it has to be the carpets. Tucked under the sofa set, a carpet is always at the receiving end in terms of collecting dust, food particles, stains, pet fur, etc. While absorbing these nasty allergens, the carpet can also become a safe hideout for dust bunnies. But, a comprehensive deep cleaning session for your living space, including carpet cleaning in Dubai can chase out the notorious dust bunnies out of your home and life.

What are dust bunnies?

Dust bunnies don’t exude a cozy, warming feeling, but are dry in nature and a hotbed of allergies. They are clumps of dust and dirt present in different inaccessible areas of a house or an office, probably over the carpet surface, or under heavy furniture. They can erode the quality of life, and can cause severe dust allergies and subsequent health problems.

If you think dust bunnies are not that dangerous, then a startling reality check can open your eyes. Just 1 gm of a dust bunny clump accumulated on the carpet can host up to 200 dust mites; powerful enough to cause a severe dust allergy attack.

With the families stuck indoors due to remote working and online classes, chasing the dust bunnies has become all the way more important for the prevention of dust allergies and better health. In the current times, even the doctors are suggesting allergy patients to maintain cleanliness in the living spaces to avoid the breeding of dust allergens.

Can carpet cleaning process chase dust bunnies out of your life?

Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

Certainly yes. In the UAE, living space is incomplete without a carpet. Usually, it is placed under a sofa and this is where the dust bunnies thrive. They trap the dust particles prevalent in the air and result in a lot of serious indoor health challenges, including allergies and asthma.

Self carpet cleaning may not remove dust mites or dust bunnies hidden under the surface. So, it is suggested to opt for professional carpet cleaning that can professionally disinfect the carpet surface and keep them hygienic in the long run.

The ideal deep cleaning sessions in UAE usually go for advanced vacuuming machines with top-notch quality cleaning supplies. The cleaning experts working in the country follow stringent quality procedures to chase the dust bunnies and keep living spaces clean and germ-free.

The process of cleaning the carpet


It starts with the regular deep cleaning of the carpet surface, visible and hidden under the sofa set. Besides cleaning the visible dirt, debris, pet hair, food stains, and other marks, professional carpet cleaners ensure that the carpet is free from mold and mildew growth as well.

They go deep under the sofa set with their equipment to ensure the dust bunnies along with the hundreds of dust mites are eradicated completely. This is done with the help of a proper disinfection process. The eco-friendly solutions are safe for home use and ensure the killing of germs and viruses breeding on the carpet’s surface.

The steam cleaning sanitizes and cleanses the carpet using high-pressure hot water. This removes dirt debris from the carpet and keeps it free from any dust mite.

Shampoo cleaning is another prevalent trend common in the country which is equally effective for the ever-changing climate conditions here. It removes all the dust mites, mud grease, grime stains via washing. While doing so, international standards are followed in order to remove the particular matter from the carpet without polluting the indoor areas.

Dry carpet cleaning on the other hand is a time-saving way to clean carpet, by allowing very low moisture after cleaning. Less moisture content means less exposure to dust particles and a cleaner, safer carpet.

With all these techniques and technologies, the best cleaning company in Dubai will ensure chasing the dust bunnies out of your house and life forever.

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