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An Easy-to-Follow Sofa Cleaning Guide for Everyone

An Easy-to-Follow Sofa Cleaning Guide for Everyone

Since we spend so much time lounging on our sofas, it’s only natural for them to get dirty and scarred every now and then. We should all be able to remove stains off couches with ease. Whether you need to clean a sofa immediately after a red wine spill or you just want to learn how to keep it clean from the daily filth your pet leaves behind, we’ve got the information you need.

If you reside in Dubai, then there’s always a chance of hiring professional sofa cleaners Dubai. They are experts at removing stains and will ease your sofa-related worries. Even then if you are curious about cleaning sofas on your own, follow this simple guide to clean your sofas by yourself.

Read the Labels:

The first step in cleaning anything is to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Similar to the care labels seen on your favorite articles of clothes, sofas also have them. In order to learn how to clean it, read the label. Some common codes and their meanings are shown below:

W—Water may be used to clean this substance without harm.

S—You should not wash this with water. Get yourself a solvent cleaner.

WS—It’s okay to clean this material with water- or solvent-based products.

X — This stuff can only be vacuumed up. Neither water nor solvent-based cleansers should be used.

Test out Cleaning Products:


People often wonder if the tools that make it easier to clean carpets can also be used to clean couches. So, can a carpet cleaner be used to clean a couch? Yes, if you use the right attachment for your carpet cleaner and try the solution on a small part of your couch that won’t be seen. Don’t forget to look at the tag to find out how to clean it.

Strategies to Clean Sofa Stains:

You may use a variety of methods to clean your couch, but in most cases, a damp cloth and the right cleaning product will suffice. Pay close attention to washing the stained areas, and then wait until the area is totally dry before judging your work.

It takes some time and effort to master the art of cleaning a couch. Something that works great on one fabric sofa may not be ideal on another. So, use these recommendations the next time you need to clean your sofa thoroughly, but make sure to change your method depending on the color and type of fabric.

  • Brush the couch with a clean white towel or stiff brush. Brushing should remove dried debris.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the couch and let it set for 20 minutes. It can stay for an hour. Vacuum baking soda off the couch using a brush attachment.

  • Use hot water mixed with washing powder to remove stains.

  • Dry the fabric. Don’t sit on the sofa until it’s dry.


If you are still unsure about doing this on your own, hire Cleaning Services in Dubai and let them clean your sofas professionally. However, if you can do this yourself, then this guide will solve all your sofa cleaning worries within seconds!


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