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4 Simple Mattress Cleaning Hacks For Your Home In Dubai!

4 Simple Mattress Cleaning Hacks For Your Home In Dubai!

Everyone dreams of a goodnight’s rest after a long day at work, especially in a busy country called UAE having cities such as Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and Sharjah. There’s probably no better feeling than lying on a clean, comfy bed in your home in Sharjah.


One of the biggest necessities in a home in Dubai is a mattress as it plays an essential role in keeping you healthy, both mentally and physically. Given this fact, it would mean paying more attention to our home mattress like having regular cleaning sessions from a cleaning company in Sharjah. However, the reality is most people show their mattress very little love and never focus on scheduling periodic cleaning sessions by a cleaning company in Dubai.

The places we sleep on can be home to bed bugs, or dust mites among other things. And if it is a home in Sharjah that has pets who love cuddling with you in bed, chances are their hair and fur might be there somewhere in your mattress. Having all this information must have got you thinking about how you were able to sleep in your bed in the first place? Well most of us in our homes in Dubai take care of our sheets more than our mattresses. The recommended way to go is to wash mattresses as much as the sheets too.

We’ll take you through a few simple steps that you can do to take better care of your mattress at your Sharjah home.

1. Dust it out!

Simply put, remove everything on the bed, including sheets, pillows, even plushies and simply dust each item out. The idea is to avoid any more dust mites getting into everything. If any of your family members has a dust allergy, this must be done every few weeks or months or so.

2. Treat stains immediately


As we’ve already established, your mattress at home goes through a lot leading to stains. Some are not visible to the naked eye. If tackled properly preferably by a cleaning company in Sharjah, the less effort to erase.

3. Using a carpet cleaner


You can engage a company in Dubai’s assistance to handle your mattress cleaning requirements. But it is also possible to take care of it with an enzyme cleaner or enzyme-based pet-smell remover.

Lightly spray the solution and dab on the stain. Make sure to avoid over-wetting the mattress, that’s why it is ideal to partner with a cleaning company in Sharjah as there are experts in the business.

4. Removing stains


If you see a yellow cast on your mattress, it’s most likely due to a buildup of sweat and body oils. With time these stains can cause discoloration that can be either fixed by a cleaning company in Dubai or by using hydrogen peroxide and warm water. It has to be lightly sprayed, working it into the fabric with a soft brush, and make sure to let it sit for about 30 minutes. Spray again with water to rinse, blot well, and then leave it to dry.

It would be best if you have your mattresses cleaned regularly by a cleaning company in Sharjah, once at least every six months. And in the case of a stain, treat it immediately to avoid any discoloration that may happen.

Also, consider investing in a mattress cover to protect moisture from getting into the mattress and help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Also, flipping your mattress once every three months is good too. Make sure to wash the sheets every week or give them to a cleaning service company to take care of them.

Apart from these few tips we’ve talked about above, hire a professional mattress cleaning company to service your mattress matters in Dubai.

Author Bio – I am Gaia, a cleanliness enthusiast and a lover of all things clean in the world. I love to experiment with cleaning tips and hacks to make things simple for me and my family. Additionally, I document those experiences for the benefit of the world at large.


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